Reduction Surgeries

Reduction surgeries cover a variety of oral surgery procedures that reduce gum tissue and treat the roots of your teeth. Malek Periodontics offers the full range of services for improving gingival health and saving teeth.

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Reduction Surgery Types

Reduction surgeries are a range of oral surgery types that have the same goal: Exposing and treating tooth roots. Dr. Malek takes a conservative approach to procedures and will work closely with you – advising on which types of treatment will provide the most help with the least amount of surgery. Your particular situation may call for help with deep cleaning and removal of bacteria, considerations with excess gum tissue, or attention to tissues restricting movement or mouth function.

Osseous Surgery

Also known as Pocket Reduction surgery, this procedure is a common one to treat more advanced periodontal disease. It allows for a deeper cleaning and more targeted action in the pockets between the alveolar bones and the teeth. 


In pocket reduction surgery, small incisions into the gum will allow Dr. Malek to reach the roots of the affected teeth and the surrounding bone. Roots are cleaned with ultrasonic scaling, and the bone is smoothed and reshaped.


Gingivectomy is a procedure that removes gum tissue. This can be done for cosmetic reasons – such as to give the appearance of longer teeth – or for health reasons. 


Too much gum tissue can help trap bacteria and toxins in deep pockets surrounding the tooth. By removing excess gum tissue, Dr. Malek can decrease the size of these pockets.


The frenum is the strip of tissue that connects the upper or lower lip to the upper jaw – between the middle front teeth. If it is too tight or too short, it can cause problems – contributing to gum recession, a gap between the teeth, and mouth discomfort. 

The frenectomy procedure simply removes the frenum.

FAQ On Reduction Surgeries

Is gum surgery painful?

Dr. Malek will use every precaution, including local anesthetics, to ensure that you have a pain-free procedure. As with any oral surgery, you may experience mild bleeding and swelling afterward, and some discomfort as the tissue heals. Our office will ensure that you receive a prescription to help with any mild soreness that might occur post-surgery.

What are periodontal surgical procedures?

Periodontal surgery involves several procedures that treat and address gum disease. At Malek Periodontics, these include gum grafts, crown lengthening, pocket reduction, bone grafts, dental implants, and other restorative procedures to restore oral health and proper function.

How long does osseous surgery take?

Osseous, or “Pocket Reduction,” surgery usually takes about 2 hours in one office visit.

How Can Dr. Malek Help With Your Reduction Surgeries?

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