Missing Teeth

Malek Periodontics can help with missing teeth replacement and offers a number of replacement options. On your first visit to our Glendale office, our staff will obtain your personal history, and Dr. Malek will discuss which solutions are the best for your unique needs.

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Intro to Missing Teeth

Replacing missing teeth can be done at any age, and there are many valid reasons to do so. From traumatic injury to deterioration from other causes, our patients come to us for replacement of one or more teeth. Today, there are more options than ever to achieve a temporary or permanent solution. On your initial visit, Dr. Malek will talk to you about your personal history and evaluate your suitability for a range of replacement options.

Options For Missing Lower Teeth

Lower dentures, in particular, can be problematic for some patients – especially when eating. The use of new implant-supported options is a solution to issues like stability and ease of cleaning. They can allow wearers to enjoy biting into apples or smile without hesitation or worries about slippage.

Ball Attachment Dentures

Ball Attachment Denture

In this style of a denture, Dr. Malek adds as few as two implants to the lower jaw. The lower denture is then designed to snap onto these attachments, like a ball and socket. These are more stable than traditional dentures. 


As with any removable dentures, these “snap-in” lower dentures can still have some movement and require regular dental office visits to ensure they are still fitting and working well for the wearer.

Bar Attachment Dentures

Bar Attachment Dentures

This option also uses a set of implants, connected with a thin metal support bar. The new dentures are attached to this stable base with specially made retention clips. You might hear of this style, referred to as an “overdenture.”


Bar attachment dentures are a stable, removable type of dental prosthetic that can offer improved comfort for wearers.

Screw Retained Dentures

Screw Retained Dentures

Screw retained dentures replace all the lower teeth. This option is more permanent, using more implants in the lower jaw, and the dentures aren’t removed for cleaning or sleeping, as are ball and bar attachment dentures. Instead, these are carefully fitted so that they don’t touch the gums, allowing the wearer to clean beneath them. They are only removed for maintenance visits.

Full Mouth Implants

Individual Implants

The most natural-looking and feeling option is to replace each individual tooth with a new implant. These are sometimes joined together to retain the support and height that the bone would offer. It’s the most expensive option, as there are more implants involved, each requiring fabrication and placement.

Options For Missing Upper Teeth

The bone in our upper jaws isn’t as dense as the lower jaw, making the options for missing upper teeth a bit different, but still similar. More implants are required to keep the replacements in position. By using fewer implants, it might be possible to keep the upper palate uncovered. This will allow you to continue tasting foods normally and will be more comfortable.

Implants Retained Upper Denture

Implant Retained Upper Denture

These options will work just like the lower denture options with ball and bar attachments. They are removable for cleaning and can feel quite natural, especially if the roof of the mouth is left uncovered.

Upper Dental Implants

Individual Implants

Just as for the lower jaw, individual teeth in the upper jaw can be replaced with implants that look and work like natural teeth.

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A Cost Effective Solution

Dentures For Missing Teeth

Implant-supported overdentures are an advanced solution to many denture problems. By combining dental implants and a full denture bridge, this option for missing tooth replacement becomes stable, involves fewer surgeries, and costs less than a full set of lower or upper jaw implants.

The type of attachment, such as ball or bar attachment, the number of implants needed, and other choices are determined by a number of factors that Dr. Malek will assess and use for a recommendation. Normally, a temporary set of dentures can be installed after the initial dental implant surgery, allowing you to lead a normal life until the final bridge is completed and installed.

FAQ On Missing Teeth

Will I be working with more than one office?

Dr. Malek will place your implants and any other surgical procedures at our Scottsdale office. We partner with your regular dentist, who will normally add dental crowns to the implants, and handle the denture placement.

How do I eat while I’m waiting for my new dentures?

Good news – a temporary set of dentures or a bridge can be placed on the day of your surgery! As you heal, you’ll still be able to use this in-between solution.

How do I care for my dentures?

Just as you would take good care of your natural teeth, it’s important to keep your new implant-supported restorations clean. Keep up your routine by brushing, flossing, and following any other recommendations from our office. You should also visit your dentist several times each year for hygiene and maintenance. Like regular dentures, these devices undergo wear and tear and will need occasional repair, such as replacing clips, relaying, retightening, and other care.

Are there possible complications?

Usually, pain is minimal post-surgery. We will provide suggestions on, or a prescription for pain relievers to help with any discomfort. On rare occasions, the surgery could injure adjacent teeth or irritate the nerves of the lower jaw – especially if there has been a significant bone loss in the past. If this does happen, you might experience tingling or numbness in your lips, tongue, or chin after your office visit. If you have any questions or issues after your surgery, call us as soon as possible. We will provide solutions to manage your recovery and your care in the best way.

How Can Dr. Malek Help With Your Dental Implants?

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