Gum Grafts

When gums recede, a number of problems can creep in. Modern gum grafting techniques help replace and regenerate gingival tissue while they restore gum health and appearance. At Malek Periodontics, we can approach your gum grafts case with a variety of periodontal solutions.

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When Are Gum Grafts Needed?

Gum Grafts at Malek Periodontics

Gum Grafts For Gum Recession

Receding gums can cause tooth sensitivity, open up the surrounding tooth enamel to decay and infections, and create an unattractive look. Fortunately, gum tissue is very responsive to regeneration! Our practice can help restore gum function and cosmetics with grafts. The process uses a small section of gingival tissue that is taken from the roof of your mouth or nearby gums. Learn more at the American Academy of Periodontology.

What are gum grafts?

Gum grafts restore receded gums that have begun to expose the upper or lower tooth, sometimes all the way to the root surface. Like any tissue graft, a gum graft uses similar tissue that is removed from the roof of the mouth or the gums elsewhere in the mouth. It is placed on the area of the recession and sutured into place. This will “take” and create new gum tissue.

How to tell if you need gum grafts?

Tooth sensitivity to heat and cold, teeth that look “long”, or an unsightly appearance may indicate that you need gum grafts. Other factors that can lead to gum recession are grinding teeth, periodontal disease, aging, and aggressive brushing.

How much do gum grafts cost?

With an unknown number of affected teeth and the severity of the issue, it’s not possible to estimate the cost of gingival grafts. Dr. Malek will be happy to go over all the options available and design a treatment plan that works for you. Please call our office for an appointment.

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Gum Graft Glendale image
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FAQS On Gum Grafts

How long will it take my gum graft to heal?

You should be able to go back to your normal activities the next day after your surgery. Total healing is normally complete within a week or two.

What can I eat after my gum graft surgery?

In the week following your surgery, follow our suggestions for soft foods, such as macaroni and cheese, yogurt, soft fruits and vegetables, and cottage cheese.

Will I need another gum graft?

Although you can expect great results from your gum graft, it’s hard to predict what can happen in the future, or in a different area of your mouth. The best way to prevent any dental problems is by following good oral hygiene practices and to contact our office if you have issues.

Will I experience pain after gum graft surgery?

You might have some discomfort if tissue was removed from the roof of your mouth for the graft. If you’ve ever burned the roof of your mouth, it’s a similar sensation. It heals quickly, and Dr. Malek can provide recommendations for pain relievers.

How long before I can brush my teeth after the gum graft surgery?

Avoid brushing or flossing the area until it has completely healed. You may continue with your regular oral health care routine for other teeth.

How Can Dr. Malek Help With Your Gum Graft Needs?

Contact Malek Periodontics today to schedule an appointment and be on your way to a healthy smile, healthy life.