The LANAP protocol is a laser – based treatment for gum disease that utilizes the Lanap Periolase MVP-7. There is no cutting and suturing with the LANAP protocol. Patients typically report less pain and discomfort during and after the procedure, compared to traditional periodontal surgery. This patient friendly procedure helps you get healthy again comfortably, without fear. Generally, the LANAP protocol is less invasive than traditional surgery and helps maintain a beautiful smile line.



The LANAP protocol is a patented periodontal treatment, cleared by the FDA in 2004. The procedure can only be done with the PerioLase® MVP-7; this laser operates at a specific wavelength that attacks the bacteria that contributes to gum disease while leaving healthy tissue intact. Post-surgical recession and tooth sensitivity, which can be significant following traditional gum surgery, are also greatly reduced.


Saving Teeth Can Save Lives

People with gum disease are twice as likely to have heart disease, while women with gum disease are 14% more likely to have breast cancer. Research continues to link oral and systemic health making effective treatment of gum disease imperative to total health. The LANAP® Periolase MVP-7 assists Dr. Malek in restoring confidence in her patient’s smiles.

True Regeneration

The LANAP protocol relies on True Regeneration, not resection to restore oral health. By maintaining the gingival margin, patients experience greater post-op comfort, less tooth sensitivity, and an increased confidence in their smile.

The LANAP Protocol

  • Perio probe indicates excessive pocket depth
  • Laser radiation vaporizes bacteria, diseased tissue, pathologic proteins, and alerts the practitioner to the presence of tartar
  • Ultrasonic scaler and special hand instruments are used to remove root surface accretions
  • Bone is modified at time of surgery
  • Laser is used to form a gel-clot containing stem cells from bone and PDL
  • Reattachment of reté ridges to clean root surface, with a stable fibrin clot at the gingival crest to create a ‘closed system’
  • Occlusal trauma adjusted
  • New attachment is regenerated

How it Works

You can’t change physics! The success of the LANAP protocol is rooted in laser physics and the unique interaction between the tissue in the mouth and the variable pulsed wavelength of the PerioLase MVP-7 1064 Nd:YAG dental laser.

The 1064 wavelength passes through water and hydroxyapatite; but is absorbed in melanin and hemoglobin. Simply put – the wavelength targets the diseased tissue without harming healthy tissue. The laser light penetrates 4mm beyond the tissue surface for effective bacteria kill. Once the site is clean; the laser interacts with the hemoglobin to create a stable fibrin clot.

gum cleaning

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How long does it take to complete laser gum surgery using the Periolase MVP-7?

Typically, the treatment for laser gum surgery is accomplished in two visits, one week apart from each other. Each visit takes about 2 hours and focuses on one side of the mouth, and then the other.

What is the benefit of using Periolase MVP-7 over traditional gum surgery methods?

The Periolase MVP-7 uses the latest technology to promote natural healing in your gums. The laser stimulates growth factors in your tissues so that new growth can begin to occur where there has been a loss of gum tissue or bone.

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