At Malek Periodontics, we have invested in premium periodontics technology to give our Glendale, AZ patients confidence back in their smile with the best results possible.



When it comes to the latest innovations for periodontal services, Malek Periodontics prides itself on being able to provide patients with the highest quality periodontal treatment options. Every year, progress is made in finding more efficient ways of treating oral health concerns. The periodontics technology used to deliver these outstanding treatments offer a variety of advanced capabilities to get you answers quickly and provide outcomes you are thrilled with. Dr. Malek thoroughly reviews and assesses all new equipment that is brought into the practice to ensure it meets the highest of standards – ensuring the equipment will accomplish what it claims to be able to do, and with excellent results.

State of the art periodontal technology

We Invest In Our Patients' Futures

New periodontal technology offers benefits that make a great impact on the long-term health of our patients. Technology that is out of date may not take into consideration things like radiation output, or treatment downtime. New technologies allow the patient to feel comfortable knowing the process in using the newest high-grade equipment will have the potential to create less side-effects, and even speed up recovery time, with less pain.

CS8200+3D Image

Carestream 8200

The CS 8200 3D features one of the highest 2D and 3D image resolutions available, which provides us with an unprecedented level of anatomical insight and enables us to diagnose more confidently. The sharp, highly detailed and contrasted images provide patients with a unique view of their dental structures and helps them see exactly what Dr. Malek sees. Patients can then feel more comfortable with their treatment decisions.

PerioLase-MVP-7 image

LANAP PerioLase MVP-7

The LANAP® Protocol, the first-ever patented periodontal laser procedure is not a “disease management” or “laser soft care” technique. Designed by clinicians for clinicians, it is the revolutionary breakthrough in patient periodontal care for True Regeneration.

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What type of procedures benefit from the use of a CBCT machine?

A CBCT machine helps diagnose deeper issues that may not be immediately seen, and may also depict how severe the dental issue may be. The use of 3D imaging vs 2D allows the patient to receive a more accurate treatment recommendation for procedures such as bone grafts, gum grafts and tooth extraction. 

Can LANAP save my teeth?

There is a higher chance of saving teeth using the LANAP procedure, due to the ability of the PerioLase to stimulate new growth of gum tissue. Once the gingival tissue begins to grow and form in closer to the dental structure, it would be expected that the tooth or teeth in question would retain a stronger hold within the mouth, thus potentially saving the patient from losing teeth.

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