New Patients

We’re always welcoming new patients to our Glendale office. Once you’ve contacted us to schedule your first appointment with Dr. Malek, please review the information below. We’ll do the rest to help ensure that your initial visit goes as smoothly as possible.

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What To Expect At Your First Visit

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Your First Appointment

What will happen on my first visit?

Our office staff works diligently to ensure your appointment is on time, and that your time in our waiting room is minimized. On rare occasions, emergency referral visits can cause delays as we work in these patients – we appreciate your understanding! 

Please help us keep things on schedule by preparing for the following items on your first visit.

New Patient Form

These form covers your medical history and current medications. Once you call to schedule your first appointment, the form will be sent to you via a secure mobile link.

We suggest that you complete it at home prior to your first visit with us. This will allow you time to gather all the necessary information. Please fill out the Release of Records form if you are coming from another Doctor or Facility.

Dental Insurance

Copies of your insurance cards or other forms with you on this visit will be needed if you will be using dental insurance. We will make copies of the information for our files. 

Covid-19 Questionnaire

Please fill out this form before arriving for your appointment during. This is to protect you, other patients and our staff. Thank you.

Referral Form

Please ask your dentist’s office to fill out our Referral Form online and to send copies of your x-rays. If your dentist has not done either, please have them use the link below, where we will request the necessary forms and radiographs. Bringing a hard copy of the Referral with you on this initial visit is also acceptable.

Before You Make An Appointment

New Patients Note

Any new patients under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at their first appointment.

Pre-exisiting Conditions

We ask that anyone suffering from a pre-existing medical condition notify our office prior to surgery. Examples are those with heart conditions, severe diabetes, heart murmurs that require medication, or hypertension. This information is crucial to providing the best care to our patients.


Your first visit will include an in-depth and comprehensive medical and dental history, in addition to a thorough examination. This will screen for issues such as oral cancer, TMJ, bone loss, and poor bite, as well as any signs of periodontal disease.

Questions Before Your First Visit?

Contact Malek Periodontics today before your first appointment with any questions or concerns.