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Welcome to Malek Periodontics. Our Glendale, Arizona practice is built around specialized periodontal care, delivered in a compassionate, patient-centered environment. As a local periodontist, every aspect of your visit receives caring service from our highly skilled team. Call us today if you have any questions about the periodontal services that we offer.

Our Covid-19 Promise

Our number one priority is the health and safety of our patients and staff. Through all of the difficulties that have shown up with the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we are grateful to have your support as we continue to provide the highest quality of services as we navigate through the Covid-19 health crisis. Your safety and well being is our number one priority, which is why we have created strategies to ensure our team follows appropriate precautions while you visit our practice.

We are closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19 and are following the recommendations of global and local public health authorities. We will continue to provide updates as the situation develops.

During this time, we are still offering all of our regular services and have signs posted in our office that offer directions for best safety measures while you visit us. We ask you to please respect these guidelines so that together we create a safe environment for all of our patients. At Malek Periodontics, we want you to know that our commitment to your dental health is equal to your overall health. We look forward to serving you on your next visit.

Dr Malek

Malek Periodontics of
Glendale, Arizona

Tannaz Malekzadeh, DMD

Certified by the American Board of Periodontology

At Malek Periodontics, we provide state-of-the-art care for complex dental issues. We’re also committed to maintaining healthy, happy smiles. Led by a board-certified periodontist, our team supports our patients with services that resolve and treat problems with gum health, tooth loss, and appearance. Dr. Malek’s expertise in all areas of periodontal disease is key to her conservative, respectful approach to treatment.

Watch this video to see how a healthy smile can lead to a healthy life.

Periodontal Services Offered

Malek Periodontics provides a variety of periodontal services for the treatment of periodontal issues. As a leading periodontist in Glendale, Arizona, we pride ourselves on the fact that we are very conservative in our treatment recommendations. Therefore, we limit surgery to the areas where it is absolutely necessary.

Gum Grafts icon

Gum Grafts

Gum reconstruction can solve many problems with receding gums. The restoration of protective tissue saves teeth and improves appearance.

Dental Implants icon

Dental Implants

For missing or lost teeth, dental implants provide a permanent replacement. This solution offers superior advantages to crowns or bridges.

missing teeth icon

Missing Teeth

Modern solutions for missing teeth are better than ever. We provide consultation on the best procedures for each unique situation.

Bone Grafting, Periodontal Services

Bone Grafting

The loss of valuable bone and tissue due to disease or other issues can be reversed with bone and tissue grafting procedures. Regeneration can restore function and appearance.

Periodontal Services Icon

Reduction Surgeries

We can help reduce infection by gum pocket reduction surgery – minimizing the amount of tissue that collects bacteria. Dr. Malek can also perform gingivectomies to trim excess gum tissue, as well as frenectomies

non-surgical icon

Non-Surgical Procedures

In our mission to provide exceptional oral health services to our patients, we also care for them with non-surgical procedures. Cleaning, maintenance therapy, oral cancer screenings, and more are part of our care program.


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